About Us

The Kayna Leadership Team

Kayna enables embedded insurance distribution through Vertical SaaS platforms. It provides the technology and data orchestration layer between Carriers and Brokers and any Vertical SaaS platform to distribute insurance products that are directly relevant to platform customers. The company was founded in 2021 by the successful, award-winning duo Paul Prendergast and Peter Bermingham, serial founders that have scaled a number of Insurtech businesses across their 19 year partnership.

This is Embedded Insurance 2.0 with comprehensive low code solutions for seamless Insurance Distribution and Product & Claims Innovation through new digital channels. Kayna technology enables insurance products to easily embed and unlock new revenue streams on Vertical SaaS platforms and to access unique data ensuring customers get accurate, dynamic insurance to meet their needs. Its technology is designed to operate across diverse Vertical SaaS platforms that serve millions of people world-wide in sectors ranging from Field Services, FinTech and Retail to Personal Care and Wellness.

Kayna is a Lloyd’s Lab Accelerator Programme Cohort 9 alumnus and winner of the InsurTech NY’s Carrier/Broker Competition for Global Early-Stage Insurtech in 2023.

If you are looking for an Embedded Insurance infrastructure that enables product distribution through Vertical SaaS platforms, Kayna technology can optimise a platform for revenue growth, provide full-service insurance solutions and fulfil customer service objectives. Developed in the Founders Factory Venture Studio in collaboration with Aviva, Kayna closed a EU€1 million pre-seed funding round in 2023. This was co-led by Delta Partners (Ireland) and MiddleGame Ventures (pan-European) with participation from Aperture (Switzerland) and InsurTech Fund – an affiliate of InsurTech NY (USA).  The team has long-term successful collaborative global partnerships with insurance and financial services companies across Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and North America.


Kayna CEO

Paul Prendergast

Paul is a serial entrepreneur and former winner of the Deloitte Fast 50 for the fastest growing technology company in Ireland. He co-founded Kayna with Peter Bermingham in 2021. Kayna is a Lloyd’s Lab Accelerator Programme Cohort 9 alumnus and winner of the InsurTech NY’s Carrier/Broker Competition for Global Early-Stage Insurtech in 2023. Their previous venture, Blink Parametric, founded in 2016 and acquired by CPP Group (AIM CPP) in March 2017 delivered the world’s first real-time resolution flight cancellation insurance product and made FinTech Global’s InsurTech100 – an annual list of the worlds’ most innovative Insurtech companies in 2019 & 2020.

Kayna CTO

Peter Bermingham

Peter has 30 years’ experience in the software industry across the fintech sector and within global technology companies. He has partnered with Paul Prendergast for 2 decades. With an extensive patent portfolio for innovative software design solutions, Peter is an established thought leader in the design and delivery of transformative technology. Peter’s design approach focuses on prevention rather than cure, knowing that quick decisions benefit the value chain by reducing claim and underwriting costs, whilst increasing customer satisfaction.

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