Embedded Insurance Infrastructure
enabling Distribution through Vertical SaaS

Kayna enables Carriers and Brokers to embed their insurance products within any Vertical SaaS platform. This supports seamless distribution to the platform’s client base.
Using business data, risk is priced accurately, policies update in real-time adapting to business changes, ensuring the correct insurance level always!

By integrating with Vertical SaaS platforms, Kayna provides cheaper, accurate insurance.

Our policies update in real-time, adapting to business changes, ensuring the correct insurance level always!

We back this up with a digitally integrated faster claims experience.

The Problem

Businesses are not properly insured

Insurers don’t have accurate data on small business

  • Incorrect insurance means 50% of UK SMBs are underinsured according to the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
  • Current policies are static though SMBs are dynamic. Less than 20% of SMBs tell their insurer/broker as their needs change (RSA).
  • Insurers can’t invest the time to understand the SMB so the insurance process becomes purely transactional in nature.
  • 28% of UK SMBs will go out of business if faced with an unexpected bill of £50,000 (RSA).
  • What are SMBs to do to ensure risk cover that is right-sized for their business?

Any Vertical, Any Policy, Worldwide

Accurate insurance that keeps up to date with the business

Unique data allows accurate risk modelling, pricing and cover throughout the lifetime of the policy

  • SMBs get complete Insurance transparency on correct cover levels.
  • Policy review is dynamic; changing as the business changes – automatically.
  • Insurers can price risk more accurately and the broker can provide the right support, at the right time.
  • Insurance is automatically presented to the SMB in real-time through the platform they use to manage their business.

What makes Kayna so Innovative?

Simple to Integrate:

Kayna offers a simple integration service to your platform to support the distribution of smart personalised insurance solutions.

Unique Data:

Embedding Kayna into the SaaS platform leverages the unique data of that platform to add value for its customers and to generate additional revenue.

Respect and Trust:

We only work with trusted platform providers and offer insurance products that are supported by regulated and leading insurers and underwriters.

Open Communication:

Kayna is active through the life of the policy. All insurance related notifications, alerts,
automated claims process details are designed for message clarity and system transparency.

Accurate & Dynamic Product

Kayna delivers accurate small business insurance that changes in real time

  • Better, relevant insurance can be delivered to SMBs by using their existing business intel.
  • Enhanced product differentiation is possible because Kayna leverages platform data to create bespoke new or bundled insurance product options.
  • Automatic mid-term adjustments (MTA) are standard. The bad old days of over-insurance or under-insurance are gone!
  • Business intel data sources can range from SaaS platforms to 3rd party external sources e.g. open banking.

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