Insurance Carriers & Brokers

What Kayna Delivers to Insurance Carriers & Brokers

Small business insurance has a problem. It centers on how the insurance industry is structured – brokers don’t get paid enough to spend lots of time with each small business and underwriters get scant data. Kayna technology can fix that problem. Kayna enables insurance products to easily embed on Vertical SaaS platforms and to access unique data ensuring customers get accurate, dynamic insurance to meet their needs. Kayna only works with trusted platform providers and offers insurance products that are supported by regulated insurers and underwriters.

New Distribution Channels

Build new distribution channels in a cost efficient way with no technical overhead requirement.

Risk Calculation

Insurance Carriers & Brokers gain meaningful data so risk can be calculated more accurately.

Overhead Efficiencies

Cost reduction of processing claims – removing paperwork, intermediaries and process steps.

Solve Under/Over Insurance

Build trust and confidence by delivering right-sized cover, preventing claim rejections and client financial exposure.

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