Integration Guide

Kayna Embedded Insurance infrastructure

For platform providers that want to expand their product and services portfolio, Embedded Insurance presents a compelling solution through seamless, data-led integration of insurance products and services. By working with Kayna + Insurer/Carrier, platform providers can get the best of both worlds where Kayna provides the technology & data orchestration layer that enables seamless product integration, efficient policy administration and a supported claims management process. Our Low-Code solution can be used on Any Vertical, for Any Policy, Worldwide.

Here’s a quick guide to our Integration Process.

Customisable Widget

Widget size, position, text content and colours easily configured.

Simple Widget Integration

Include the Kayna widget in your web page.

Customise the Kayna widget with your branding using standard CSS.

Share the data to quickly generate a tailored quote for your Customer.

Insurance Processes managed by Kayna

The Kayna widget and back-end servers manage all the customer experience UI and data flows related to the insurance product.

This ensures compliance and removes the need for dedicated teams to implement and support insurance.

Complex Insurance flows are managed by Kayna widget/site.

  • Customer Review of data sent from Platform
  • Answer Insurance Questions
  • Add Company and Key contact details
  • Review Policy Covers and Key Facts
  • Purchase policy
  • Mid-Term Adjustments & Renewals

View Purchased Policies

The Kayna widget provides an easy way to access the policy details at any time.

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