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Embedded Insurance Infrastructure
enabling Distribution through Vertical SaaS

Kayna provides the technology & data orchestration layer between Carriers and Brokers and any Vertical SaaS platform to distribute insurance products that are directly relevant to platform customers.

Platforms leverage data to unlock new revenue streams and add value for customers.

Customers get accurate, data-led, right-sized insurance with automated quote, renewal, claims process.

Carriers/Brokers gain new Insurance distribution channels.

Did You Know?

Small business insurance has major problems

‘One size fits all’ insurance solutions are failing to meet the needs of SMBs

  • 40% of SMBs in the US have NO insurance according to the Insurance Information Institute (III).
  • 75% of SMBs in the US are underinsured (Insurance Journal).
  • Incorrect insurance means 50% of UK SMBs are underinsured according to the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
  • Current policies are static though SMBs are dynamic. Less than 20% of SMBs tell their insurer/broker as their needs change (RSA).
  • 28% of UK SMBs will go out of business if faced with an unexpected bill of £50,000 (RSA).
  • Brokers don’t get paid enough to spend lots of time with each small business and underwriters get scant data!

The Power of the Vertical SaaS Platform!

“Would you like Insurance with that?”

Platforms hold unique SMB data, support massive SMB communities and want to solve SMB problems.
SMBs trust and rely on SaaS platforms to support their daily operations.

Embedded insurance offers unique advantages to platform providers and their SMB customers that can:

  • Boost revenue streams.
  • Enhance customer loyalty by optimising SMB data to provide tailored, relevant insurance solutions that adapt to business changes.
  • Unlock ongoing innovation by launching market-ready products through world-class technology backed by established Insurers/Carriers and Brokers with specialist expertise across all insurance disciplines.

Kayna does all the hard work!

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Any Vertical, Any Policy, Worldwide

Accurate insurance that keeps up to date with the business

Unique data allows accurate risk modelling, pricing and cover throughout the lifetime of the policy

  • Low code technology & data orchestration layer supports seamless insurance integration.
  • Kayna partners with regulated and leading Insurers.
  • SMBs get personalized cover, pre-filled forms, real-time updates and transparent, efficient claims management on their platform.
  • Policy review is dynamic; changing as the business changes – automatically.
  • Insurers can price risk more accurately and brokers can provide the right support, at the right time.
  • All activity can be measured on the Kayna data-led dashboard reporting suite.
  • Scaling is easy, in line with SMB insurance demand.

What makes Kayna so Innovative?

Simple to Integrate:

Kayna offers a simple low-code integration to platforms. This supports an end-to-end technology & data orchestration layer enabling insurance distribution, personalized policy administration and claims management.

Unique Data:

Kayna leverages each SMBs unique data to faciliate and automate right-sized Insurance protection. Kayna supports SMB activity through the life of the policy and provides insurance-related notifications, alerts, claims process status updates on the platform.

Customer Experience:

SMBs gain from a well-designed customer experience provided within their daily business platform, customized to their needs with a self-service and automated process that ultimately helps them to mitigate risk.


Kayna adds value for every stakeholder! Platform can unlock revenue streams and fix the insurance gap for SMBs; SMBs get customized Insurance that adapts to business changes; Insurer/Carrier gets new distribution channel and capacity to price risk accurately.

How Kayna Works

  • Vertical SaaS platform embeds the Kayna Low-Code solution.
  • Kayna provides Vertical SaaS platform with access to Carrier/Broker product distribution.
  • Vertical SaaS platform leverages its own data to provide relevant, right-sized policy offers.
  • Kayna conducts platform customer data-tracking to manage risk levels for platform customers and carriers.
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