The SaaS CFO Podcast featuring Paul Prendergast

  • First released on YouTube, Apple, Google and Spotify Channels on March 19, 2024

CEO Paul Prendergast caught up recently with Ben Murray – on The SaaS CFO podcast series dedicated to SaaS founder stories and to Ben’s passion for SaaS metrics, finance, accounting, and economics.


  • 00:00 Early stage Insurtech SaaS for vertical platforms.
  • 04:30 Platform drives revenue by offering personalized products.
  • 07:29 18 months ago, started, became regulated entity, funding.
  • 10:53 Focused vertical SaaS, providing valuable content.
  • 15:05 Focus on credibility and differentiation as small business.
  • 17:23 Maximizing value through targeted outreach and collaboration.

In Episode #102, Paul shares insights on Kayna’s focus on vertical SaaS platforms, the go-to-market strategy, and the company’s journey from inception to raising funds, together with some valuable take-aways from his and Peter Bermingham’s extensive experience in successful startups.

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This is essential viewing for vSaaS platform providers as well as Insurance carriers and brokers. Tune in to 04:30 to hear how Kayna drives revenue for vertical SaaS platforms by offering personalized Insurance products.

Thanks to Ben for such an engaging discussion. 👏

If you would like to learn more about how our Kayna Embedded Insurance Infrastructure enables distribution through vertical SaaS, let’s talk!

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