Kayna White Paper Vertical SaaS Embedded Insurance

Kayna White Paper
Vertical SaaS Embedded Insurance

An essential guide on how and why embedded insurance is being used to unlock new revenue streams, enhance customer experience and boost platform USP

In this E-book, we present the benefits of Embedded Insurance together with guidance on Implementation Strategies, Design Essentials and Challenges, providing practical insights for platform providers to consider as they assess its transformative potential.

We explore the growing significance of Embedded Insurance within Vertical Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms and address the potential for Vertical SaaS to go beyond their tailored workflows and features to offer layers of dynamic products and services that outpace traditional incumbents.

By integrating insurance seamlessly into the user experience, Vertical SaaS platforms can enhance customer loyalty reinforcing its stickiness, increasing revenue streams, mitigating risks, and driving platform innovation. The integration in turn affords Insurers and platform customers the measurable benefits gained from access to real-time customer data and its capacity to deliver tailored, accurately priced insurance solutions.

We demonstrate how Kayna enables Vertical SaaS platforms to ask customers “Do you want insurance with that?”

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